Why Do Filipinos Love to Eat & Celebrate?

Why Do Filipinos Love to Eat & Celebrate?

Why Do Filipinos Love to Eat

Food is what binds Filipino people together. When there is food on the table, the Filipinos gather around it and everyone becomes one when a meal is  served. Food reflects how Filipinos express themselves.  Food satisfies one’s hunger and possibly cravings but also reflects culture and values. 

Regardless of lifestyle differences, food retains cultural identity while bonding people and families. It’s true that for Filipinos food can be nostalgic and it can show a strong emotional connection with others.

Find out why Filipinos are fond of eating and celebrating. Read on!


Food Bonds Relationships

Filipinos love to eat to celebrate practices and traditions. Enjoying food can be very unique by enhancing eating experiences. Celebrations are made more interesting and enjoyable with lots of tasty dishes served for the “whole barangay” as we call it!  Eating is best in the comfort of home, during fiestas, or in the company of friends. Rarely is enjoyable eating done in restaurants because food is consumed not only on certain meals but for the entire day. Celebrations can be from breakfast to dinner. Eating altogether is expected to bring the family closer. Everyone can share their stories, talk about everyday life and just engage in the conversation to seize the moment. Food brings people together. This is why Filipino celebration is basically centered on a feast.


Food Reflects Filipino Culture

The way Filipinos live has been influenced by food. Apart from the cuisine, there are precious memories exchanged with whomever they are with, making it even more meaningful. Food binds neighbors, friends, and families together. For Filipinos, food is more than just a source of nutrition. It’s a significant aspect of their culture, community, and celebration. It is how Filipinos share their cooking practices like cooking ‘adobo’ using varied styles. Their version is of course shared with everyone from family members to mere acquaintances. Immerse yourself in the Philippines’ diverse local cuisine and you’ll be able to experience a vital part of Filipino culture.


Filipinos Love Rice

Filipinos love eating their best dishes with the best cooked rice. A delectable dish and viand is incomplete without that well-cooked staple food. This Every table requires the aroma of a newly cooked ‘Dinorado’ or a ‘Sinandomeng’. Filipino meals are typically served in the middle of the table with a large bowl of rice and a variety of dishes which makes your “ulam” or viands truly flavorful.


Filipinos Loves Creative Food

Filipino dishes may appear unusual like the famous “balut” or a developing bird embryo and dinuguan which is a pork blood stew. However, despite being bizarre, these local flavors may surprise you with their taste! Special vinegar concoctions or sawsawan (condiments) brings more flavor to their ulam. From banana ketchup to the mix of soy sauce and calamansi (lime) there are a lot of combinations which can make a delicious meal a lot tastier!


The Takeaway

There are two reasons why Filipinos love their food: the food itself, and how they share it with their significant others. You surely hear them say “Tara, kain (Let’s eat)anywhere in the Philippines. Not only is it a common courtesy but it’s a way to invite people to enjoy the moment.

Eating the best dishes makes food taste so much better! So what are you waiting for? Order now and dine together with your loved ones in the Philippines!