Why are Filipino Celebrations Special?

Why are Filipino Celebrations Special?

Why are Filipino Celebrations Special

How often do you attend or hold celebrations? Commonly, families used to celebrate major occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. But do you realize how Filipinos consider celebrations as a part of life? Any accomplishment, great or small, is worth celebrating! It’s almost as though cheerfulness has already ingrained in the Filipino culture. Simple things are greatly appreciated and every achievement acknowledged.
Find out why Filipino families regard celebrations as a moment to pause to make memories!


#1 Celebrations Creates Stronger Bonds

Celebrations help to keep traditions alive, that’s why birthdays or Christmases wouldn’t be complete without all relatives coming over! These gatherings provide families with a sense of identity and belonging. Through such traditions, family members can share memories or positive feelings that’ll make them feel closer than ever before.

In the Philippines, it creates an exciting atmosphere since this will be an opportunity for them to catch up with friends or play with cousins that they haven’t seen in a long time.


#2 Celebrations Reflects Success in Endeavors

Birthdays and anniversaries should not be the only reasons to celebrate! Celebrating gives us a sense of achievement that is why we do it even for the simplest triumphs.

Celebrating the Filipino way means being able to get a new car, earn a promotion at work, or someone just coming home from overseas. Filipino ties are so strong that you get your entire family to congratulate you and become such an inspiration to them! It’s an excellent way to thank ourselves for a job well done while also encouraging us to do even better in the coming years. Who wouldn’t be motivated with a Filipino party with deliciously tasty dishes as a reward?


#3 Celebrations Keeps Family Traditions Going

Traditions that are passed down and repeated differ per family. But there is one thing that all of them have in common. Yes, that’s right! Food! During a Filipino celebration, relatives are likely to get together, do activities and prepare food that they wouldn’t normally have on a regular basis. Spending time with the family could be as simple as playing games or reading books for the younger generations. Or sharing recipes with the older ones. It could even be something as simple as buying a traditional cake or placing an order at the family’s favourite restaurant! As each celebration approaches, the repetition of these traditions increases anticipation, positivity, love, and enjoyment for all.


#4 Celebrations Strengthens Ties

Since family celebrations are personalized from dishes to decorations, Filipino families would be more than willing to share their food or “handa” with their neighbors! It is part of the culture!
This proves that not only do family bonds strengthen during celebrations, but so do friendship bonds.
And what’s best is that even family members from outside the Philippines can be part of these happy experiences! Aside from doing video calls, food services such as Balikbayan Pasabuy allow them to take part and still feel a sense of belongingness.
These celebrations will be treasured, whether through photographs or memories, and the meaningful feeling motivates families to carry on with such customs.


Let’s wrap It Up!

The idea of family celebrations is for everyone to have a good time especially during these times of uncertainties! That’s what makes Balikbayan Pasabuy exceptional because it motivates everyone to work hard and celebrate! Celebrations create a positive impact on any Filipino family whether here or abroad! Sending your family in the Philippines tasty and delicious dishes makes them celebrate those momentous days!

So do you have friends and family members living in the Philippines? Send them their favorite food anytime! Whether it’s a grand celebration or a simple dinner, Balikbayan delivery is at your fingertips! Make sure you’re not missing out! Order now!