Celebrations: The Filipino way

Celebrations: The Filipino way

Celebrations The Filipino way

What makes Filipino celebrations stand out among all others across the globe? It’s actually because Filipinos have the inkling to celebrate every event, big or small! It’s largely a Filipino practice that deserves to be shared to the world! 

Filipino culture is focused on joy and happiness, with many events to be celebrated a year – from birthdays and holidays to fiestas! Attend a Filipino celebration and one thing is certain, you’ll definitely have a great time!

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Expect Delectable Filipino Cuisine 

Filipinos love celebrations and, of course, every get-together is spent catching up with one another over delicious dishes. Filipino cuisine is so rich and colorful. It’s a delectable mash-up of different cuisines (Southeast Asian, Chinese, Spanish) with a distinctly Filipino twist. There are also pinoy specialties you can enjoy such as the famous adobo, sinigang, kare kare, kinilaw and the star of every event, the tempting lechon.

Once you have a taste of Filipino foods, you’ll want more! Besides having unique flavors and distinct aromas, Pinoy dishes proudly represent the rich culture of the Philippines. 


Eat, Share Stories and Repeat

Filipinos are generally very friendly people. They will prepare a variety of delicious dishes to share with every guest. Every neighbor, friend, acquaintance are truly welcome in every home!

Every celebration is a time to share stories like no end. you’ll definitely never run out of people to talk to. And remember no  language barrier is ever felt as English is used by everyone! Being hospitable and humorous are just two of the Filipino qualities that are appreciated by many people from across the world.


Lots of Feasts to Celebrate

Filipinos love to celebrate, which is why there are so many festivals and gatherings in the Philippines. No idle time during these gatherings! You’ll surely be asked to participate in fun activities. It is truly uplifting to see how these celebrations bring together community, family, faith, and tradition. Celebrations in the Philippines come in its purest form such as during the ‘Dinagyang Festival’ in Iloilo, ‘Sinulog’ in Cebu, ‘Panagbenga’ in Baguio City among others. The Philippines’ enthusiasm and energy shine through in vibrant, lively celebrations, making each occasion come to life.


Everyone is a Guest!

In any celebrations, Filipinos will welcome anyone with open arms. Family and neighbors will always be invited, even those they hardly know like travellers from other towns or cities! No one will be left behind as Filipinos are fond of sharing experiences, stories, and moments as a foundation of their culture.

Simply enjoying time with family or the entire neighborhood is enough for Filipinos to celebrate. ‘Good time ‘ means celebrating in varied styles and it does not have to be fancy and expensive. 


Filipinos will always be unique and outstanding! From the dishes prepared to the great activities they have during gatherings and celebrations! There are perhaps no other people who love to celebrate like Filipinos do while enjoying delicious foods and spending time with their significant others. 

It’s true that wherever you go, Filipino values and culture are evident! Much admired and even praised for their happy spirit and love of good food and celebrations!